Project objectives and deliverables

The project objective is to create a better and more cost effective primary care for patients with chronic pain.

There are basically three project deliverables

  1. A software that will let the patient co-create the information that is the basis for clinical diagnosis and decision making. The patient gets a new possibility to describe symptoms in words and through discomfort drawings.  The patient will be more empowered and the meeting between the patient and the caregiver will be more effective. Data will be more reliable.
  2. An investigation on how Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning can be applied in medical research. As the patient enriches the whole discomfort picture with a higher degree of details than before, it will be possible to research how the factors in the patients own story affect the doctors clinical examination, diagnosis and  the outcomes (and thus balance research that is only based on laboratory analysis and imaging).
  3. A smart digital decision support on pain for both caretaker and caregiver. The learnings made in this project can then applied on other types of disease areas.

On top of the above, we believe this project could set the basis for a global quality registry with patients tormented by pain and make expert know-how available in areas where such is lacking.